By selecting the best plants and committing to creating synergies, Revivre has become an expert in the professional tricology field.

Essential oils are a little treasure of Nature. They are produced in very low quantities, and are real quintessential of virtues. Revivre, each drop of essential oils is blended to give the maximum results in the treatment of the scalp, with evocative lovely sensations. Vitamins, natural extracts and oligo elements are some other primary components of the EXENCE AROMATHERAPY line. All the formulations are natural, created with great care, and dermatologically tested.


Revivre was born in 1974 from its founder’s deep passion for cosmetic research, combined with love and respect for nature.

Nature has always inspired our formulas to create cutting-edge professional cosmetics. We use essential oils, plant extracts and carefully selected raw materials to create unique, safe and effective products, in line with the company’s philosophy.

100% Natural - NSF Certified Organic

Italy Laboratory

Revivre has one of the most advanced in-house Research and Development Laboratory in the world that partners with the University of Pavia’s Department of Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences and other universities in Pennsylvania (USA), home to one of the most important medical centers in the United States.

Innovative Formulates and Developments

The cosmetics are distinguished by the use of natural active ingredients, essence oils and plant extracts. The raw ingredients, high quality standard controls, numerous efficiency tests and dermatological tests guarantee our product excellence and reliability. All meticulously crafted in Italy, Revivre offers over 400 products for every beauty needs: each line is, in fact, designed to treat targeted imperfections for the daily care and sun protection of the face, hair and body.

In Total Harmony With Nature

We believe in human and environmental sustainability.

For our products we choose ingredients such as Shea Butter whose seeds are harvested in Burkina Faso and whose plantations contrast desertification. In this way, the women involved in the project participate in an international program that supports them and promotes the economic, environmental and social development of the area and its population.

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The Milan office represents Revivre’s sustainable, inspirational and working lifestyle. It is the example of the perfect coexistence between cutting-edge technology on a human scale and eco-sustainability. Built according to advanced criteria of energy saving and reduction of emissions of polluting substances.

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