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      Ideal for supplementing hair loss for men. Replenish your scalp with a gentle shampoo enriched with essential oils and organic ingredients to improve scalp circulation and counteract hair loss. SLES – free mild shampoo to prevent hair loss. The precious synergy of essential oils micro dispersed, together with the Algaser Complex, provides the right nourishment to the hair bulb, helping to reduce hair loss significantly, restoring the right functionality of the cutaneous annexes.

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      Rejuvenate your hair with the Seractive Plus Fluido, ideal for supplementing hair loss to support fuller hair and balanced scalp. The serum helps to tackle hair fallout or thinning.  6 ML X 12 PZ Innovative triphasic lotion purposely formulated to counteract premature hair loss. The Algaser Complex in synergy with the precious essential oils of Revivre counteracts the reduction of the hair and normalizes the production activity of the sebaceous gland. The Bloodstream Enhancer stimulates the microcirculation helping the growth of healthy strong hair.

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