Climbaplus Set
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Climbaplus Set

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  • Climbaplus Shampoo  200ml
  • Climbaplus Daily 50ml


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SHAMPOO CLIMBAPLUSClimbaplus shampoo 200ML
Soothe your scalp with our delicate anti-dandruff shampoo and say goodbye to oily, irritated scalps. A delicate shampoo, SLES free, formulated to remove and prevent the return of dandruff. It guarantees a selective action, calming down and protecting the scalp from further dandruff.

Climbaplus daily 50ML

Designed to assist oily hair without irritating the scalp, while adding shine. Climbaplus lotion is suitable for daily use without leaving your hair greasy. Daily lotion formulated to treat dandruff problems. Perfect for oily dandruff with scalp reddening. The essential oils with Climbazole maintain the scalp in its finest conditions, preventing the formation of dandruff.


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