Refresh Hydration Set
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Refresh Hydration Set

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The hydration set helps to infuse moisture and vibrancy into every strand, resulting in a healthy scalp and luminescent shine. 

  • Shampoo Fresh 200ml
  • Refresh H Fluido 10ml x 12pc
  • FREEBalm PH3 Relaz Exence 200ml
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Shampoo Refresh 200ML

Delicate shampoo, SLES-free, formulated to guarantee the perfect hydration of the scalp. Used every day, this shampoo allows the purification and the hydration of the cutis, restoring the conditions for the natural hair growth, while assuring a long-lasting feeling of freshness.

Refresh H Fluido 10ML x 12PZ

Moisturize your scalp. Restore a perfect conditions for the natural hair growth.

Balm PH3 Relax Exence 200ML

Re-establishing multifunction balm for any type of scalp and hair. It restores the skin equilibrium, giving a pleasant sense of wellbeing. Balm pH3 Relax prevents and soothes itches, softening the skin with a moisturizing and nourishing result on hair lengths and ends.



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